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Publié le 16/04/2018


DISCOVER IN PREVIEW, AT IN-COSMETICS® GLOBAL, Casta’NeaTM, Robertet’s natural skin lighte

Thomas UGHETTO - ROBERTET HEALTH & BEAUTY Director of Sales & Marketing Robertet, booth M20 at in-cosmetics® global 2018, is excited to introduce its range of skin protection products. Skin beauty is the 3rd pledge expected by food supplements consumers in France.

Robertet Health & Beauty has drawn inspiration from nature to create Casta’NéaTM, a chestnut pericarp extract containing powerful polyphenols. Its powerful antioxidant action has been evaluated by the European Institute of Antioxidants and awarded their highest label: the Gold PAOT®.
Holimel® is an innovative solution designed to protect the skin from UV rays and associated damage. Holimel® has been clinically proven and is a patented melon juice concentrate with a high content of natural and protective Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Unique natural coatings make Holimel® available for use in both ingestible and topical applications for food, food supplements and cosmetic products.

Casta’Néa™, antioxidant power – Gold PAOT natural skin lightening
Exhausted skin needs to restore its antioxidant capacity to fight pigmentation disorders. Casta'Nea™ is a chestnut pericarp extract from the region of Monte Cinto in Corsica. Like skin, chestnut pericarp is subdivided into three constitutive layers which guarantee the integrity of the underlying tissues. The chestnut owes this protection against external aggressions to its high content of polyphenols.
Key benefits and proven efficacy:
- Restoration of skin antioxidant action: thanks to its high polyphenol content, 0.5% of Casta’Néa™ in a cream showed that PAOT skin antioxidant activity was immediately multiplied by 6.
- Protection of the skin against pigmentation disorders: tyrosinase activity is decreased by 26% and up to 60%
- Skin lightening in high phototypes: Casta’Nea decreases up to 46% of very pigmented cells

NEW PRODUCT: Holimel®, daily U.V skin protection
UV exposure is responsible for 80% of the visible changes that are commonly attributed to skin-aging, including pigmentation disorders, wrinkles and texture problems. The latest addition to the range is Holimel®, a concentrate of melon juice rich in natural, protective SOD® B, a powerful antioxidant.
Key benefits and proven efficacy:
Holimel® boosts the skin’s natural defenses, thus preventing oxidative stress and inflammation caused by both environmental threats and natural aging processes.
Holimel® has a threefold action:
- Rapidly increases skin resistance to UV radiation: +27% after 1 month
(In & Out / Ingestible & Topical)
- Demonstrates its capacity to boost the body’s own defense against UV radiation, increasing its antioxidant enzymes by up to 63%
- Prevents the harmful effects of UV radiation on skin cells by decreasing sunburned cells by 72%



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