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Publié le 06/12/2018


DISCOVER LIPOWHEATTM, Robertet’s natural ingredient for a younger looking skin

Across the world, consumers are more health and image conscious than ever before. They are convinced that nutrition is key to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. As it ages, the skin loses its natural hydration, elasticity and softness. As a result, it becomes dry, sensitive, dull and wrinkled. Lipowheat™ is extracted from wheat grain by a gentle process that preserves its phytoceramide quality

Beauty supplements, a booming market

Cosmetics are no longer considered as the sole way to take care of the skin and beauty food supplements are becoming a key tool in consumer beauty routines. Mintel reports that US estimated retail sales of supplements for beauty increased by 17% from 2015 to 2017. Additionally, Frost & Sullivan underlines that “the need for valid scientific evidence is among the most significant factors impacting the end-user’s decision making “(2018).
On this expanding but demanding nutricosmetic market, players look for ingredients backed by in-depth Research and clear proof of efficacy. Among plant-based ingredients for Skin Beauty and Anti-aging, Lipowheat has a unique profile. The quintessence of wheat grain, Lipowheat is naturally rich in phytoceramides, glycolipids (DGDG) and phospholipids. It acts powerfully on skin hydration and wrinkle reduction. Thanks to Gold Standard oral clinical studies, numerous mechanistic in vitro and ex vivo studies, Lipowheat is unrivaled on the of nutricosmetic ingredients market

Phytoceramides prevent aging skin

The anti-aging properties of ceramides are widely demonstrated and have led to a boom in this market. Indeed, sales of ceramides have skyrocketed and are expected to reach $360 million by 2022.

Ceramides represent 35 to 40% of intercellular cement of the epidermis and are deeply involved in skin hydration. These lipids help to regulate the skin’s water-holding capacity and prevent excessive water loss1. Epidermal cells adjust their composition by utilizing exogenous ceramides to synthetize de novo ceramides3.
However, the skin ceramide content of ceramides decreases with aging. The upper layers of the skin become drier and thinner, which causes uncomfortable dryness and fine lines and wrinkles

LipowheatTM, for a younger looking skin

As a pioneer in phytoceramides, Robertet Health & Beauty has developed its unique ingredient LipowheatTM intended for scientific-based skin supplements.

Key benefits and proven efficacy:

A key source of phytoceramides, LipowheatTM restores the skin’s protective barrier and retains moisture, resulting in hydrated and glowing skin. Lipowheat™ also visibly reduces wrinkles.

The latest gold-standard clinical study confirms that LipowheatTM phytoceramides have a triple action on skin beauty and, for the first time, demonstrates that this effect lasts after the end of supplementation:

- Hydration and comfort

o Hydration is significantly improved from 4 weeks (p< 0.05), compared to the placebo
o The effects on hydration are significantly perceived by women: 75% of women after 8 weeks, 90% of women after 12 weeks.
o These benefits are significantly maintained during two months of post-supplementation assessment.

- Skin radiance:

o 3 out of 4 women reported more radiant skin after 12 weeks of supplementation and this result is maintained two months after supplementation.

- Visible reduction of wrinkles:

o Lipowheat™ significantly reduces wrinkles from 8 weeks.
o For 9 women out of 10, a reduction of wrinkles was visible after 12 weeks.
o During 8 weeks of post-supplementation assessment, the benefits in terms of wrinkle reduction remain visible and significant compared to the placebo.

- Lipowheat™ is the most scientifically studied of all phytoceramides ingredient
o 15 years of Research
o 6 oral clinical studies
o 4 scientific publications
o Validated HPLC analysis
- 100 % vegetal
- Organic, Kosher

- Soft gel capsules
- Two-piece capsules or tablets
- Beauty drinks - shots
- Cosmetics

Green and natural process:
- Gluten-free
- Suitable for vegans
- Made in France
- ISO 9001 dedicated plant
- Gentle methods of extraction

- USA: FDA New Dietary Ingredient with the claim “Helps maintain healthy skin hydration”


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